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Ultimate Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide

So, you’ve decided to grab yourself a shiny, new massage chair.  This guide gives you the info you’ll need before you grab one.  Since there aren’t many retail locations that sell these chairs, you’ll definitely want to grab it online.  Of course, you should take a look at our selection, it’s the largest you’ll find […]

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A Review of The Zero Gravity Massage

The term zero gravity is used predominantly in aeronautics to refer to a state of no gravitational pull. Thus, you might be forgiven to assume that a zero gravity massage chair is one that defies the natural laws of gravity. However, a zero gravity massage chair is a massage chair whose recline position is similar […]

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Benefits of Massage Chair Owning

Benefits of Massage Chair – Surely not me and I are guessing you don’t want to be that person either.  Owning your own massage chair gives you the ability to make whatever weird noises you feel like making while the chair helps you feel incredible without worrying that the 3-year-old walking past will think there’s […]

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