Best Panasonic Massage Chair Review – Apart from others

Panasonic massage chair has secured a better position when it comes to its comfort. It has a sleek design and resting over it is like sleeping over the bed of roses. The frequent relief if you can get anywhere then it is only in the Panasonic massage chair. There is the number of model of Panasonic brand which plays the vital role in giving you long time rest. It has good control over your body and unbeatable relaxation will ensure you go for a massage session again and again.

All Deals on Panasonic Massage Chair

Different models have been designed by keeping in mind that to fit into different budgets. Panasonic is splendid in offering great value to the body by nurturing your different muscles which leave you overwhelmed.

Why go for Panasonic Massage Chair?

Panasonic has built the unchanged trust for 20 years even do not want to land in any mistakes in providing comfort. Its success has never gone to its head, so they are performing simultaneously perfectly. With every model production, there is an improvement made by the company for their consumers. There lies in the massage chair, definite massage modes which copy the hand and finger motions when massage therapy has been used while tapping, rolling, kneading and compression. It’s time to chill out by relaxing your body over the lap of Panasonic massage chair and give your mind a deep peace.

With Panasonic massage chair you can feel so pampered and its innovative technology you can see when you use it closely. The company has devoted them in doing immense research to make it usable and easy to get in form with the different body type and their needs. Panasonic massage chair is pretty good in adjusting with the body type. Its vibration is also capable to keep yours at bay. You need to check a few models of Panasonic massage chair which will give you the exact idea about what is it all about or how advantageous is it for you?

Best models of Panasonic Massage chair

1. Panasonic EP1285KL Chair

Panasonic EP1285KL Chair

Though this model of Panasonic is reasonably priced even it can do wonder so do not deter yourself with its price. It has pre-programmed stuff like Swedish, Shiatsu, Stretch and Quick. It is up to you what kind of massage techniques you are looking for such as Chiro, compression, percussion, kneading, tapping, rolling and Hawaiian. It is so comfortable and its leather is not only well designed but its comfort is something you want to be in the arms of your Panasonic EP1285KL. Its pad is for your comfort and arms and legs can get ultimate rest here.

It can be automatically inclined to an angle of 170 degrees and there is air ottoman system including airbags. The instant relief will amaze you deeply.

2. Panasonic EP 30007 Massage Chair

Generally, people go for massage for their arms and feet so this is perfect for covering these areas of your body apart from other parts of the body. It takes care of your back by working on its spine by adjusting accordingly with the sensor technology. You have the option to five pre-set programs such as Swedish Stretch, Shiatsu, Quick and deep. There is 8 kind of operations such as kneading, Grasp, Stretch, Full, Junetsu Ultra, all these are amazing in healing your neck, arms and shoulders. It is wonderful that you can monitor the minutes according to your need like leg stretching, deep tissue massage and Swedish and many more.

It includes 36 airbags which can easily function on all parts of your body. When you need a light massage you can set the level accordingly. While if you want more speed in recovering your pain or exhaustion. Plenty of techniques, the massage chair is having so you do not need to worry. If you have no one to care or massage your body for relaxation. You can set different 24 programs for the complete message.

3. Panasonic EP-MA70KX Massage Chair

Panasonic EP-MA70KX Massage Chair

EP-MA70KX is the top model of Panasonic and the brand is confident enough for its latest model. Being a high-tech model even its price is reasonable and there is also no compromise on its techniques and features. It offers hot stone treatment which is featured with heated ceramic rollers. Its ceramic heated roller is so useful and gives ultimate relaxation to your muscles and bones. The accessories like 3D mechanical rollers, airbag, and others are good in providing therapeutic massage to your complete body including hands, arms, hips, thighs, calves, feet, neck and shoulders.

You might be happy by knowing that when you are not using your best massage chair for the massage session. Then you can flip the leg massager and chair will be part of your home décor.

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, similarly, Panasonic massage chair has its own pros and cons.

Do read on some of the pros and cons of Panasonic massage chair:

Pros of Panasonic Massage chair

  • Easy to use.
  • Its design is attractive when you are not using it for the massage purpose. Then you can use it as home décor as well.
  • Its different models are purposely designed to meet different people needs and budget.
  • Its massage session does not work only on the particular area of your body. But leaves the impact on the whole body.
  • Panasonic provides the warranty that proves its worth and it will last longer. There is less possibility of any damage during the warranty period.

Cons of Panasonic Massage chair

  • Panasonic massage chair is featured with all workable and usable technologies. But it is not a high-end massage chair for all.

Final words

Panasonic is a good company when it comes to investing in the massage chair. It is of high quality and gives all advantageous aspects for all age group.  No wonder it will be fruitful to buy Panasonic massage chair.

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