The Best Portable Massage Chair list for 2019

The portable massage chair is elegant and versatile as it soothes your muscles and makes you feel relaxed from inside or outside. It functions well with its therapeutic healing and your upper and lower body does not encounter any problems. So, check a few lists of portable massage chair from current Market and it will give you more relaxation and gives you professional treatment.

4 Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews

1. The Master Apollo massage chair

Master Apollo massage chair

Apollo massage chair is so comfortable and designed in a manner which is of only 18 pounds. So this massage chair is handy and can be shifted to place to place. It has used Rhino-Hide upholstery which is heavy duty particularly designed to withstand. People will enjoy its comfort and will love to take service from this stunning massage chair. It is so detailing and engineered without compromises. Its massage session is impeccable and different programs and various airbags are sufficient to give you feeling of completion.

It’s Auto programmed massage is including different courses such as Body Scan customizable, up to 1117combinations of techniques including Grip, Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping, Kneading and Tapping. Its massage intensity is also adjustable. Overall, it is the result of great effort so it is quite portable.

2. Portable Massage Chair, Therabuilt ApexTM

Therabuilt ApexTM

This stunning massage chair comes with great design and lightweight at the same time. It has to carry case and there is thick 3.5-inch foam. You can get all stunning features at a low price. It has face cradle which is quite adjustable and several programs are made for full comfort. It comes in black color with the body scanning technology along with the different airbags. Any people can get complete enthralling massage session without any efforts. This massage chair weight is18.5 Pound. Its weight Capacity is 250 lbs. There is a free Carrying Case with the excellent warranty.

3. Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair, Blue

Master Massage Professional Portable

This professional portable massage chair is effective in performance along with lightweight. Which makes the device completely amazing to handle. Its weight is only 17.4 lbs. It flaunts the Aircraft Aluminium Frame. That makes it more capable of up to 100 lbs. There is no doubt it is impressively durable and ergonomic and not very pricey. You can use it in the parlor. Every bit of it adjustable and can be maintained with ease.

No more expenses need to waste as it is so responsive and durable. If you will use it you will experience the certain lightness in your mind and soul. Its therapeutic nature is largely based on its different programs and several airbags. It works on your body as a great healer and leaves no parts of your body aching. It has the power coat finish and having good support to your back for the massage therapy. You can keep your little kinds of stuff like purse or studs, eyewear etc in the storage of the massage chair.

Master Massage Professional Portable


When it comes to its dimensions then it is 11″ Wide x 20″ Length x 43″ Height, 17.45 lbs Chair. It carries 2″ exclusive multi-layer small cell foam and it has oil and waterproof, CFC-free, PU Upholstery in Royal Blue with denim-like cover for comfortable backing for long life. There is Aircraft Aluminum Frame which is so strong and there is a no-mark finished frame and it is coated with Electrostatically Powder to prevent rust, nicks, and any kind of scratches. When it comes to its accessories then there is six-way adjustable face cradle, max comfort memory foam layered pillow, session pouch for convenient storage of eyeglasses and jewelry, and there is also luggage pattern wheeled carrying case.

4. STRONGLITE Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair Package


The strongly portable massage chair is delivered best and promise to keep you more fervent and active all day long after its massage session. You can count on this massage chair as it is so responsive and provides professional service. It is well crafted from the silver aluminum frame and its virtue does not end here as it is semi-glossed as well for the luxurious look and effect.

Its weight is 19 lbs and it can support up to 1200 lbs of static weight while working weight is 600 lbs. It has come with memory foam and having diverse face contours. You needless to adjust the few activities like arms rests, face cradle and others. You can enjoy the benefit of the protective carrying case. It can make you feel like a one-touch massage.


What should lie in a portable massage chair?

The portable massage chair is available for massage your body whether it is lying down or sitting down. It can be easily transported without making you feel like the bulk of the device. The issue of your body ache and another kind of ache will disappear by using the portable electric massage chair. Its advantage is to use it with great ease and its effortless movement does not let you feel the heaviness of the chair. You should go for the portable massage chair for domestic use and for professional use as well.

There should be following kinds of stuff for the portable massage chair. Check the points.

  • Comfort
  • Variety of motion
  • It’s weight.
  • Easy assembly
  • Good Price
  • Warranty

The pain of the muscles is not easy to get over but when you have a massage chair with you then you will indeed rarely face such issues. In the massage people love to have a portable massage chair as it is impressively handy and can cure your joints pain, increase your blood circulation. All you can say this is the best way to stay yourself healthy.

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