A Review of The Zero Gravity Massage

The term zero gravity is used predominantly in aeronautics to refer to a state of no gravitational pull. Thus, you might be forgiven to assume that a zero gravity massage chair is one that defies the natural laws of gravity. However, a zero gravity massage chair is a massage chair whose recline position is similar to the sitting position assumed by astronauts during take off. The sitting position assumed by astronauts during take off protects their bodies from increased stress caused by increased gravitational pull. Now that you know what a zero gravity chair is, let us look at how these types of massage chairs work.

The primary function of the zero gravity chair is to absorb the natural pressure exerted on your vertebrae and spine by the earth’s gravitational pull, while spreading the forces evenly across your entire body. This the chair does by reclining your back and elevating your legs so that they are above your heart. This position is known as a zero gravity recline position.

The benefits

Increased or better lung function is one of the many benefits of using a zero gravity massage chair. When the body is in the zero gravity recline position, your lungs expand fully due to decreased pressure from the diaphragm. The effect of the reduced pressure is heavier breathing, which in turn help increase lung function and help in the distribution of oxygen in the blood.

Apart from the lungs, the heart also functions more efficiently when your body is in a zero gravity position. This is because blood circulation becomes easier when your body is in a horizontal position as opposed to a vertical position. The increased circulation of blood means that oxygen is transported to all vital organs such as the head easily and quickly.

Zero gravity massage chairs are ergonomic chairs that help relieve muscle and back pains. Additionally, these types of massage chairs help stimulate nerves and soften thick tissues, in the abdomen and thigh regions.


The benefits of zero gravity chairs contemplated above point to these types of massage chairs being void of disadvantages. Albeit this might be true, zero gravity chairs have one main drawback, they are costly. Compared to other massage chairs, zero gravity chairs are quite pricey. This means that to some people, zero gravity chairs are luxuries not worth purchasing.


While zero gravity massage chairs are costly, they are worth it. When purchasing a zero gravity chair it is important to consider the design of the chair. This is because most massage chairs are designed to accommodate persons of average weight, and height. Therefore, if you are of below or above average weight or height, an average chair may be uncomfortable. Thus, it is recommended that you select a chair designed for your specific physique or body type. Additionally, since purchasing a zero gravity chair is investing in your health, always go for quality rather than affordability. The quality of chair you intend to acquire will depend on how often you will be using your massage chair.

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